Nancy J. Rodwan is an award-winning filmmaker, visual artist, and writer. Her art has been exhibited in museums, festivals, and galleries. She has directed, shot, animated, and edited several short films and a feature-length documentary. Her films have been screened in numerous national and international film festivals. Her publishing credits include Work Literary Magazine, Upstreet Magazine, Greenprints, and San Pedro River Review. Purged: The Art of Metamorphosis was published by Ridgeway Press in 2018.


For me, creating art often starts with exploring the idea of metamorphosis. The process of creation is by nature transformative. I have often worked with ordinary items when creating art. I have transformed an umbrella into a 5-foot-tall jellyfish puppet; a discarded dress became a fragile map of the United States called “Divided.” In my film LIFE a hunk of clay is constantly morphing from one figure into another including a Buddha, a pyramid, a boxer, a flying dove and Zeus, just to name a few. My art is often influenced by the materials I am working with. I also find inspiration in music, literature and current events.




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The song "How Cool Is That" was written, performed and recorded by Jonah Nadir Omowale. Copyright (c) 2016 by Eclipse America Productions (BMI)

Overheard among the Arthropods, based on the poem with the same title by Terry Blackhawk, navigates the passage of time, changing physical features, and mysteries of identity (both hidden and exposed). Claymation, puppetry, live-action footage and watery sounds invite viewers to listen in on this conversation between hermit crabs on themes of shells and shifting.